Forgotten Devices

Forgotten Devices

         We all have devices that we use every day without giving them a second thought. But what about the devices that we used to use, that have now been forgotten? These are the devices that were once an essential part of our lives but have since been made obsolete by newer technology. Some of them became digital. If you enjoy gambling as old gamblers, today you can check 22Bet TZ. Some of these devices may seem like ancient history, but there are still people who remember using them. For example, remember when we used to use floppy disks to save our data? Or how about when we used to have to wind up our phones to make them work? Here are some other forgotten devices that you may not have thought about in a while: 


    Remember when everyone had a beeper? Pagers were once a staple of communication, especially for doctors and other emergency personnel. But now, they’ve been replaced by cell phones. 

       Pay Phones 

With the rise of cell phones, pay phones have all but disappeared. It’s hard to find one when you need it, and even harder to find one that actually works. 



Remember having to set the timer on your VCR so you wouldn’t miss your favorite TV show? Nowadays, we can just record shows on our DVRs or stream them online. 

   CD Players 

      CDs were once the primary way to listen to music, but now they’ve been replaced by digital music files and streaming services. 

      GPS Devices 

       Before everyone had GPS on their phones, there were standalone GPS devices that you had to use if you wanted to know where you were going. Nowadays, they’re not nearly as essential, since most people have GPS on their phones. 

      Fax Machines 

       Fax machines were once a staple of office communication, but now they’ve been replaced by email and other digital methods of communication. 

      Answering Machines 

 Answering Machines 

      Remember when you had to check your answering machine to see if you had any messages? Nowadays, we can just check our voicemails on our phones. 

     The Abacus

      The abacus is a device used for counting and calculation that was invented in ancient times. It consists of a frame with a number of beads or balls that can be moved up and down to represent numbers. The abacus was replaced by the modern calculator from the 1970s onwards and is now mostly used as a teaching aid in schools.

The Telegraph

      The telegraph was invented in 1837 by Samuel Morse and was used for long-distance communication before the invention of the telephone. It consists of a system of wires and code that can be used to send messages from one location to another. The telegraph was replaced by the telephone from the late 19th century onwards and is now mostly found in museums.

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