Reasons why you can not achieve harmony in life

harmony in life

Harmony is such a state of balance when every sphere of life is realized and there is no feeling that something is missing. Harmony brings happiness as close as possible, helps to cope with difficulties and gives strength to move forward under any circumstances.

It is not easy to achieve such a state, but it is quite possible. This is painstaking work on oneself, which then pays off by improving all areas of life. To learn to live in harmony with yourself and the world, you need to master new patterns of behaviour, learn to think differently. And you should start by eliminating the main reasons that prevent this state from being achieved.

Living not your life

Living not your life

From the first days of our existence, we have been living in a society that puts us in a framework, dictates conditions, requires us to be like everyone else. Adults tell the child what he needs to become when he grows up, what circles to go to, what to get involved in, who to be friends with, how to dress. Those who were born in a family where the wishes of children are listened to are lucky. But in most cases, there is a total suppression of personality.

As a result, an adult grows up who does not understand what he wants. And if he is aware of his desires, he is very afraid of being condemned by society. Because of this, they give birth not when they are ready, but because “the clock is ticking”. 

You will never be happy as long as you pretend not to be who you really are. Perhaps you want to click the 22Bet Login button to play your favourite games and somebody is against it. Do something as you want it to be.

Can’t hear your inner voice

Sometimes our inner voice screams, but we do not hear it at all. It is simply drowned out by our past negative experiences, by what society says, by stereotypes imposed on us. This develops into an internal conflict. And then it’s not even worth talking about harmony.

In addition, this often leads to serious diseases that take years to heal. But improvement does not come, because their true cause, hidden in the subconscious, is not eliminated.

You can’t live in the moment

You can't live in the moment

You can live, constantly remembering the past and expecting the future, and continue to exist without experiencing joy, because there is really nothing else besides the present. The ability to live in the current moment, feel grateful for what you have today, feeling joy from the surrounding reality – is a very important quality of a happy person. And without it, life will not be joyful and harmonious.

You can’t use your inner strength

Each of us has inner powers that many do not even realize. Only a few use it to the maximum, and we can only guess where its boundaries end. Our possibilities are immeasurable, and thanks to them we ourselves can create the reality around us.

You will master simple techniques that will energize your desires, bringing them to life, learn how to get answers to your questions. Become a real healer for your family, because you will know how to use energy for the benefit of family and friends. You will work through the problems and grievances that come from the past, prevent you from feeling peaceful and living happily.

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