Limbo Cat

Your representative in the game is a military cat inside a tank, traversing a war minefield. The RTP of 95% shows that perseverance can pay off, if the tank isn’t blown up first.

How to Play Limbo Cat?

Limbo Cat slot

Limbo Cat is a random game of pure luck, in which the player sees his stake multiply with every metre walked by the war tank. However, the tank can explode at any time, and the player must decide when to exit and collect the winnings. Should the tank explode, all winnings are lost immediately.

There are only two adjustments to be made: the amount of the bet and, if you prefer, the moment when the player automatically exits and collects the winnings. In this second case, you need to turn on the “Auto” button, with the multiple set. For example, setting the multiple to 2x with a bet of 50 coins exits as soon as the cat gives 100 coins. The player then walks away with double what he bet, even if the tank continues.

If he blows up first, however, you lose the bet and winnings. It is therefore important to try to maintain some control and opt for smaller winnings to increase the balance. There are times when wins can reach up to 10,000x, but these are rare events.

Limbo Cat Jackpot

The Limbo Cat game also features a special jackpot, hidden under a secret box that only the most persistent reach. The prize can reach hundreds of thousands of coins, but it is not an easy event to win. Therefore, it is not recommended that it be the player’s sole focus.

What is the Best Game Strategy?

lucky Limbo Cat game

Since OnlyPlay’s Limbo Cat game involves pure luck, it is not possible to try to cheat the system. One can follow the history of the last multiple, but in the knowledge that the next multiple can be absolutely any level.

Therefore, the best strategy, as in many OnlyPlay games, is to have a good control and know how to appreciate small gains. There is nothing wrong with seeking wins of 50x, 100x or even 10,000x the bet, but it should not be the rule. Otherwise, even with the minimum bet of 1 coin, you can get to zero the account.

Is Limbo Cat Worth Playing?

Limbo Cat is worth playing for its unique style alone. Amidst thousands of online slots, it’s hard to find a game quite like it. With the same level of dependence on luck, but with much greater chances of winning, it’s a game for everyone.

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